I’d had the name Lloyd Llewellyn ever since I was a little kid, because in the old Superman comics, as you’ll recall, they had this weird obsession with the double L’s. They were always making a big issue out of the idea, “Isn’t it strange that Superman’s girlfriend is Lois Lane and his arch enemy is Lex Luthor and then there’s Lucy Lane.” They would get really strange about it. They would say, “Superman went back in time and made friends with Achilles,” and they would underline the two L’s. Things like that. I found that really strange and fetishistic as a kid. I would think, “What’s that about?” And so I remember there was a kid in school named Lloyd and then I heard the name Llewellyn somewhere, and I thought, “What if someone was named Lloyd Llewellyn? He would be the greatest Superman character of all!” I really thought that. Honestly, I thought, “One day I’ll sell this to DC and make a lot of money.” And that was one of these names that kept popping into my head. Once a year I’d think, “Ha ha, Lloyd Llewellyn.” And one day I sat down to draw this comic strip, and I said, “What do I do? How about Lloyd Llewellyn?” And that was it.

Daniel Clowes
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