I was making a lot of noise on Comics Message boards and landed a $10,000 job working for Microsoft to design 12 characters to be used as avatars for an experimental social online game they were experimenting with. I asked Danny Hellman if he wanted some of this pie, because they need about a hundred avatars from different cartoonists and illustrators. He said, ‘No! I don’t do that kind of work, I do magazine work.’ I laughed at him and earned my $10,000 in less than a week. My job search has always been done by attitude. So-and-so got a job drawing some album covers, I called the 20 or so bands I knew and askedif they knew anyone who needed an album cover. I got three jobs that month, including a record cover for They Might Be Giants. Then I got hired by them to design some t-shirts. I showed the t-shirts to other bands and got a few more jobs designing tshirts. Someone at the New Yorker saw the tshirts and I landed semi-steady work from them for about 5 years. I sent free drawings to various zines, making sure they put me on the cover with the best art I could produce. I was picked up for covers and comics by Screw Magazine. A pervert saw my work and hired me to paint the name on the back of his yacht. A friend of mine got a job painting Rush Limbaugh’s bedroom ceiling, cherubs, floating ribbons, grapes and flowers. Imagine Rush dancing on his bed nude but for a gossamer toga and a crown of white roses. My point is, if you want to work, crash all the parties at magazine offices and be nice! Carry a card with your website on it. Ask around, just keep after it.

Tony Millionaire
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