I don’t normally feel like being a woman in this field is enough to justify having to answer questions about it all the time, most frequently: ‘What is it like to be a woman cartoonist?’ Let’s face it, this is not dangerous work. This is not even physically demanding. I am not a police officer, I am not a fireman, I am not in the army. I don’t put my life on the line every day. Hell, I don’t even work in an office where some asshole could potentially pinch my butt. I work from home! I am practically a housewife. So please, stop asking that question.


And there are struggles. I would be a fool to deny that. I face the same anxieties as many of my male counterparts, but the difference is that once in a while something kind of gross happens: a weird pass is made, a sexist comment is said, someone checks me out, or some creep corners me at an art opening. Those are the real challenges of being a woman doing anything.